Kitchen Design | White Kitchen, Why Not?

Kitchen Design | White Kitchen, Why Not?

Apply the white color in the kitchen requires precision and flair of the occupants of the house. The white color will give the impression your kitchen more spacious and clean. But this color is often avoided as it is considered dirty fast especially in the kitchen room with a lot of activity.

The white color is identical with the impression of clean, bright, and airy. However, sometimes a separate application to be a problem for homeowners. Impression of cold and dirty easily be the cause of people are reluctant to apply these primary colors.

And if you're careful, white can look pretty, just like the general color at home. Just how you apply it became more interesting. Especially if its application in the kitchen.

The kitchen does not only require the circulation of motion, light, and smooth air, but also the cleanliness can be the main points. Well, hygiene is what is usually identified with the color white.

However, for some people, white remains the color that is often avoided, even though the white color can be automatically require us to behave in a clean.

So, what the benefits by applying the white color? We know, white synonymous with clean and airy impression. No doubt, everyone who saw or was in the room felt the impression of relief and clean.

Neutral and flexible is another advantage of white. That is, if you want to combine white with other colors, would be more easily because it is neutral.

Nevertheless, the white color also has a weakness, the concept of cold and boring. For that, residents must be smart to apply, in particular in the kitchen area.

Kitchen usually wear bright colors. Therefore, the white color is very good if applied in the kitchen. Only rarely people want choose the dominant white on their kitchen. Even if applied, their application is usually done on the top table and some tools on the door only.

Actually a white color can be nice choices when applied in the kitchen. Clean image will be automatically attached and neatly packed on all the kitchen equipment.

There are several aspects that need to be considered to apply this white. The first one, watch your habits as a homeowner. If you have less neat habit, should avoid the application of white color on furniture materials that are difficult to clean.

As an alternative, you can apply it on the wall or can also install ceramic wall which had a white background. So, even if exposed to splashes of stains, the walls remain easy to clean.

The white applications can also be done on the top of table which made ​​from solid surface because it is still easy to clean. As long as they do not wear white marble or granite, as in the dirty kitchen, the stains often penetrate into it.

In order to maximize the white color so it would appear more attractive, then make it contrasted with heavy color. White is a neutral color, so it would not weaken the other colors. However, you can also beautify it with a cream color so it have the matching color or soft or it could contrasting with black color.

Consider also whether the white color can be mixed with a few other colors in order not gettiong monotonous and boring. The trick, use a little color mixture that is able to give the impression draw on white. One of them with the type of furniture.

Especially about lighting, the dominant white space can use white or yellow light because the white color can still look attractive either with white or yellow light scheme.

However, lighting should not rely on the light above the ceiling because your shade can cover the lamp. For that, use additional lights in the right places. Place the lamp at the bottom of the rear kitchen sets.