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Bedroom Feng Shui Tips to Find Sweet Love

Sweet Love Bedroom Feng Shui  |  Feng Shui Tips For Bedroom | Bedroom Feng Shui - Feng Shui not only brings happiness and prosperity at home, but Feng Shui also can help your love life too. You can find your sweet love by follow these Feng Shui tips. The best place in your home to begin find sweet love is in the bedroom. Why? It is the only room in the house where we spent the third of our lives a dress, sleep, rest and cuddling. Now it’s time for Feng Shui Tips For Bedroom work.

Bedroom Feng Shui

Bedroom Feng Shui Tips to Find Sweet Love
As in Feng Shui, your bedroom is the sacred place. It is very important because it is closely related to personal energy. Because of that the Bedroom Feng Shui need on this things. Consider about solid wood bed headboard is an ideal for your bed time. Bedroom should be the part of your protection and security. Do you have water beds as your choices in your bedroom, it is could be great idea. But Feng Shui tips for bedroom, did not confirm it as a good choice for good Feng Shui. How about your bed size, do you have the full size or the queen size bed? Sweet Love Bedroom Feng Shui told you to choose the queen size bed as your option, regarding it is large enough for you and your partner to get sleep and can bring closer together.

Between sleep and death is related, it see from the body position when we lie on the bed. Wrong position can drain your passion, energy directly then it can disrupt your love stories. Feng Shui tips for bedroom, avoid your bed in the front of a door. You have the bed in front of the door it same with you rest in the coffin. In Feng Shui it called with “death position”. But, in this bed position case you should be able to see your front door when you lying on your bed. Take an option where you place your bed not directly in the front of your door but you still able to see your entrance door.

Sweet Love Bedroom Feng Shui

Now its time for making sure you have an equal balance on each side of your bed. It is best choice to equality in the relationship and in the bedroom. Pay attention not to place your bed next to wall or you will get trapped and needs more space in the relationship. Make everything on your bedroom in pairs as represent a union in the case you are a couple. How about your bed sheets, you can choose the sheets that are comfortable and breathable as cotton, natural bamboo or silk. Then about it color is depend on your choices, get the pink or peach if you want a love sense or red color for your passions.

Feng Shui love tips for the bedroom, it could brings any sense for your love life. Just keep Feng Shui tips for bedroom to find your sweet love.

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