Home Made | Wooden Patio

Home Made | Wooden Patio

It could be a great idea to customized and match our home exterior, and it related with wood patio furniture. Wood patio surely still look great for many years, it have unique sense and art.

For home exterior we can start from chairs, rocking chairs, and recliners, to tables, benches surely it is for wooden patio. Making and customize it for suit and fit with our home style, for wood patio we can mix it well related on our style. Any different styles of wooden patio will bring own personality to a house.

Patio furniture is a very social part of the exterior of a home that everyone will consider to buy one day. There is no sense of having a back porch or front porch if it does not have furniture on it. It allows people to enjoy more areas of their property in a comfortable setting. If you want your backyard and landscaping to really stand out, then wood patio furniture is not only the attractive option, but it is one of the most durable outdoor materials.

Room Design | Room Design for the Twins

Room Design | Room Design for the Twins

Rooms for twins do not have to always be filled with furniture that a similar model or color. You can really adjust everything with the predilection of each child. You'll want both of them happy and give them adequate facilities, you can start from the rooms which are comfortable and safe for them.

Educating and designing comfortable and safe room for the twins can be fun. Various attractive ornament to suit their liking is the basic point that must be considered when arranging the space. However, it does not they are twins, their like must be the same. Therefore, everyone has their favorite, even though they are identical twins.

In principle the design of twin children's bedroom with children in general are the same. You as parents still have to accommodate the desires and habits of each child, even if they are identical twins. Because, psychologically every individual is different (even twins). This is also the trigger parents to appreciate the desires and habits of each child.

Generally, we can find an interior problem for the twins, we want all the furniture and spatial equated to obtain an identical theme. However, not everyone has the same desire. There are some parents designed their twins rooms differently in order to the growth of the child's personality is not exactly the same.

The basic difference is, whether the twins are in the same room or not? If not in one room, of course it's easier because you can make the room a different design from each other. But when the twins are in one room, at least try to make each child's preferences can be applied in a single room. Of course there will be compromises that affect the design results.

It is also a challenge for you as parents as well as "designer". In other words, you must have a way to create privacy areas for each of these twins. There are two tricks that you can apply. First, if space is limited room, you should use a bunk bed. However, it remains to be compromised with these twins. In addition, the facilities of other activities also can be made double. Can be started from a wardrobe, a desk, or other facilities.

For the closet, if space is insufficient room, just arrange that one closet with a division on the inside of the closet. For example, the left part of the closet is belong to A and the other side is B.

The second way, if the space is big enough, you can process it optimally. This means that each individual has its own marking area with its own facilities or the two rooms which are combined without retaining walls.

Games color is another way that you can apply when designing the bedroom for the twins. Playing the colors that can be a way to choose the color tiles to floor. So, you seemed to form two different space, such as room size 5x5 meters, on the 5x2, 5 meters using a ceramic white color, while the 5x2, 5 meters other applying the color pink.

This method is able to form the illusion of two rooms. However, this method is rarely used by most parents because the concept is less acceptable to them. The most common practice is to distinguish it by making a desk for each child so that according to the place where the goods have shown two different concepts of personality.

Decorating | 6 Bedroom Tricks

6 Bedroom Tricks

The bedroom is one of the central area in the house for you and your partner, especially in terms of making love. To remain portray an aura of romance, you also need to keep a few accents to create the perfect bedroom at once seductive.
New decor in the bedroom not only attract the eye, but gave birth to the passion in you and your partner. So if you want to create a sensual atmosphere in the bedroom, immediately create the decor that inspires passion and be prepared to sexual wonders that will be created.

Make your bedroom attractive
Be sure to choose a comfortable bedroom and use the sheets are soft and smooth. Use textured layers, such as velvet cushion or pillow satin to create comfort.

Show glamorous side
Accessories are very important to decorate the room. Give a romantic touches such as sequined pillows, lamp glass, and mirror on one side of the room. Adding a mirror in the bedroom will add to the beauty when you do a hot game with her.

Do not place the sports equipment in bed room
There is nothing about romantic when you putting a big treadmill in a state folded and located in the middle of your bedroom. The bedroom is a sacred place to practice your love as well as relaxation. So, do not fill the room with exercise equipment. There was no correlation in it and just kill the "mood".

Keep in mind, the bedroom is a place of relaxation. Try not to bring your work into the bedroom. Focus all your attention to your couple while in bed.

Choose the proper lighting
Lighting in the bedroom should be soft to build a romantic atmosphere. You can use a glowing reddish-pink color.

Select the music as a builder atmosphere
Be sure to include the choice of music in order to build the atmosphere of the bedroom. Put a soft love music as one of the easiest ways to lift your mood. Keep distractions like television and use the sound system at the bedside to build your mood.

Use aromatherapy
Once you are pampered with soft music, a touch of tenderness from him, be sure to add the atmosphere in the presence of aromatherapy or aromatherapy candles. Send a sensual aroma all over the bedroom and chose the scent that you both like.

Dwelling : Space is Precious with Ethnic Decoration

Space is Precious with Ethnic Decoration
Apply the ethnic ornament in the house should not be indiscriminate. It takes special attention so it looks more leverage and make more high-value occupancy.

We often find ethnic ornaments on display or placed in a room. Its presence certainly not without cause. Some residents tried to apply it because of the ethnic ornament usually has a special meaning.

No doubt, every ethnic decoration on a table for example, whether it be stand alone or be grouped, would give a different meaning in the room. But make no mistake, ethnic ornaments different with ancient decorations.

The difference is, ethnic ornaments typically comes from our own country. In a sense, work or thing created is the result of craft that comes from own country. While the ancient decoration of origin can vary.

Not always from the country itself, could have been from abroad. Practically ancient for a place and time of making the already ancient and rare.

So, how to put decorations in the room? It's important to know that the intended meaning can be achieved. Therefore, some cases that often occur, ethnic decoration it has been just a pile of goods that no more than "warehouse".

For that, you should put these traditional decorations in the right place so as not to be merely supporting elements of space, but can also be a focal point of the room. No matter the ethnic decoration cheap or expensive, if you are good at placing it, garnish it actually will make the space more valuable.

Even though it was expensive for example, will not be impressed either if not given the support of light, in the sense of dark, so nothing is highlighted. Other cases, there is also a traditional objects put together for some types of goods.

Another thing that is no less important is the proportion. Do not let the ornaments that you apply does not fit in the space. For example, you want to install woven fabric on one side wall of the small space. If the fabric is greater than the size of the room, decorative objects that will not make the room look beautiful, but instead the room becomes increasingly narrow. So, measure the amount of decoration with spatial scale should be considered, both height and width of the wall should be balanced.

Remodelling: Changing Your Backyard Be Oasis

Remodelling: Changing Your Backyard Be Oasis

A good garden is not just as a green space filler. But it could also be a factor that can enhance your aesthetic occupancy. Backyard example. The park is located in the back of your house can be an oasis that beautify the view behind the house.

However, some people often assume backyard just a rear garden that is not useful. And if  you aware, this rear garden can be the element that really works for you and your family.

Many people often assume backyard is just a useless, adjacent to service area so it is very rare residents who want to optimize it. In fact, the current state of a number of parties are actively voicing green area for the home and surrounding environment, so it time to work on your backyard.

This is what ultimately would make the homeowner should be able to take advantage of backyard in order not to be just ordinary green space, within the meaning massive. However, also as a means to support the activities of the household. Backyard can be a cozy sitting room for the owner of the house.

Cultures were sitting on the front porch is now very rare. Well, we can move the terrace to the backyard as a gathering place in the afternoon while reading a newspaper or cup of coffee. So more private without having bothered by the traffic.

Beside that you can use the backyard as an ecological park. This can be your back garden complete with rain water catchment sources. That way, you helped lots of water absorption into the soil. More than that, backyard can be used as a kind of oasis at home.

Backyard presence is very important because this park can be used as a way of air circulation as well as a means to get natural lighting for some of the existing space in the house. In addition, of course, its main function as a refreshing place for homeowners, such as gardening, a place for sports, and the place to gather with all your family.

However, to make this backyard useful, you need to optimize it with elements which supporting activities such as mentioned above. In a sense, if you want this area to be a place to sit and gather with your family members, then you should provide the following chairs and garden table.

It could be enough with the single desk flanked by two lawn chairs, you can create the backyard as the area which can functioning optimally. Or alternatively, move the family room to the backyard area.

So even when you want to optimize it as a relaxation garden. Things you need to prepare is the path. This element will be helping your activities in blood circulation. This therapy is also good for residents who have heart disease and stroke.

In addition, of course backyard position must also be addressed. Backyard usually always side by side with the service area or the room maid. To work around this, the service area could be transferred to the upper floor or changed the lay out. It means, for activities in the backyard which is used as the a family gathering so it should support another room in the house, then the position of backyard ideally side by side with the family room or dining room.

While the service area be transferred to the floor above or adjacent to the kitchen. To make your backyard optimalized you should considering the position backyard floor with your main building. If the floor level together with house building, automatically your backyard could manipulate visual building land becomes more widespread.

However, the floor level should be selected according your desire. Usually there are two choices, made ​​more down slightly from the floor or blend with the floor of the main building.

The floor level that are attached or parallel to the building will automatically create a more spacious home. Meanwhile, when the level of the floor is made little differently or made a little down, it automatically create the effect as there is new room in the house because the material are different from hard materials to soft materials.

Backyard usually determined parallel to the main activity. For example, the floor is made contiguous with adjacent family room or dining room. But if it is on the floor level is higher, then the backyard can follow those levels. And if the Backyard were at a level higher than the ground floor and this requires concrete below the backyard, it is need rain water drainage piping or water flow watering plants.

So make it for being Home Sweet Home

The concept of Classical Contemporary Apartments

The concept of Classical Contemporary Apartments

Living in an apartment has become part of the lifestyle. The concept that tends to practical and functional is often used as an excuse so it was being targeted by home seekers. All the points of ease that available can be the option for choosing the apartment than a conventional house types.

The reason for buying an apartment can because of lack of the land on our environments. So, buy a vertical building in the sense of apartment is a wise solution when having trouble finding homes.

Discuss the concept of apartments that brought the concept of contemporary classical. Such concepts are rarely applied in the apartment units. Therefore, a very strong classical detail when combined with contemporary style, there is rarely a match with a fairly flat area which is not great.

However it is not a problem. Many concept really suitable to be applied in the apartment. Depending how the occupants set the apartment interiors. Of course, it should adjusted with an area of apartment unit. Classical architectural style that evolved since the days of Ancient Greece was never timeless.

Its timeless classic design increasingly popular, although its application in the apartment. The impression seems to be a luxurious and elegant architectural style points more often found in continental Europe. While the contemporary style is the style that carries something that all modern or up to date. So everything else that is used should carry a similar principle.

However, because the concept of contemporary classical this time applied to apartment buildings, then the application can only be done in the interior. From this apartment, which characterizes the classical concept is the curtain. Here, bring large curtains and dangling to the floor. Usually the concept of windows and curtains in Europe are large.

While the contemporary concept appears from various furniture which is used. For example, a sofa in the living room. You can manage your apartment color with heavy colors, although the actual implementation of the heavy colors as well as to reinforce the function space. Therefore, if the apartments are only divided into two areas, namely private and public.

Especially in the service area, you can uses the green wallpaper. While in a public space to apply the wallpaper-patterned beige brown. In the bedroom, turn the color gold wallpaper that is applied (you can manage the suitable color for your own wallpaper).

Tricks using wallpaper color is a way to distinguish the space without having to use massive screen, given the relatively difficult concept explored apartment. You can also apply the pattern by using mirrors, which was placed in several areas such as space for TV, child's room, and on one wall near the entrance to the main room.

It could be the biggest decision to take. Talk arrangement of space per room, from the entrance, who first encountered the area is the dining room. Perhaps most people apply the dining room in the middle area or other areas that are not in front. But, just think why we do not make a difference right? We change the model, because why we should follow the same pattern? After all, our view will remains fixed directly to the living room after entering our apartment. Also, why it place in the front of? That's because it is adjacent to the kitchen.

The dining room is designed with a touch of floral pink and purple. Four floral chairs complement the dining table is oval-shaped timber. Above the dining table is placed vase of flowers that support the atmosphere of the room to look more beautiful.

Log into the deeper areas, there is room to watch TV which is equipped with desks and  contemporary sofas style. Sofa with striped pink looks so pretty when you set it with the wood element applied on the table in that space.
Special for your furniture, you can chose a contemporary design. Therefore, the classical concept of curtains are heavy. If you selected the sofa with a similar concept, it will make the room look full. So, as much as possible any accessories and furniture should be balanced.

Switch to another room, there are private area which consists of one main bedroom, a child's room, and one room for your guest (or you can use it for another). Each room has its own characteristics. It looks from bold color selection.

So are you ready to made your apartment as your sweet paradise with unique concept?