Rock Garden Design

A Rock Garden Design at Home

We know the park as a collection of plants that are in one area. Type plants were selected have various impression such as cool, cool, and comfortable so our home can get a similar impression. But what about “the rock garden“?

Rock garden is a unique type of garden. In a sense, more widely used materials in the rocks and sand rather than elements of plants. We generally know the type of rock garden as a garden composition using hard media, such as sand, coral stone, and gravel.

To make a rock garden, the first things to consider is the location and size of the land. Usually  we can applied it in the house adjacent to the inner court. But, it sometimes can be found on the front page or the back of the house. Just because a character is dry, when applied in the front yard will influence the impression of the main building.

The dry garden requires a supporting element in order to soften ROCK GARDEN character. You may add plants and water elements in this garden. With notes, make sure the plants have similar characteristics. That is, plants resistant to heat and does not require special treatment. Take the example of cactus, plants soft-shelled, or other dry crops.

To give a touch of fresh and gorgeous,  you can apply the flowering plants. If not possible, you may choose the plants leaves are gorgeous and bold characters, or select the form of a gorgeous rod. You can also add other elements in the park. Take the example application fountain or make small pools. For its size, you can adjust the land area available. Most importantly, the purpose of pool or fountain made it to soften and refresh the rock garden.

You should adjust the concept of a garden with character building so it have a better point on aesthetically and functionally. Rock garden has a relationship with the concept, or rather the rock garden should be themed so that the application does not impress at random.

So even when choosing the ROCK elements that want to use. Surely not just any gravel or stone you use. In this case you should carefully choose the type of stone that would be used, such as coral, granite, or large stones. While the matter of its magnitude, you can set it according to the initial concept of this park. Take for example, select a stone with the same type but different size is selected. Just how do you manage it….